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Why Your Digital Presence Matters So Much

One of the main concerns of small business owners is that they will pour advertising dollars into digital marketing and not see the difference it makes in their business. Like any advertising, quantifying the precise results is somewhat of an imperfect science, but there are a couple reasons that when it comes to marketing, your digital presence matters even more than you may realize.

Presentation affects Reputation, and Reputation is Everything.

Imagine walking into a restaurant. As soon as you step inside, you notice that there is dust covering some of the light fixtures and the floor looks like it has not been swept in at least three years. The cheap vinyl backs of the booths are torn in many places and there is a slight stench.

Would you eat at this restaurant? If you are anything like me, you would turn around and walk right out. If the dining room looks this rough, imagine what the kitchen must look like!

First impressions really do matter. With billions of people now using social media and the internet to get information, it is more crucial than ever to maintain an active, engaging digital presence- or risk losing customers who have to blindly put their trust in a company.

Conversely, imagine walking into a restaurant, being greeted by the well-dressed, friendly hostess, and seeing the place looking spotless. The fixtures aren’t necessarily any nicer- they are just well maintained and clean. The staff is attentive. It becomes an easy decision for a potential customer to eat there, because the assumption is that the food is maintained at the same level of quality as the dining room.

And of course, the nature of a customer’s experience will have ongoing (positive or negative) fall-out with regard to word-of-mouth marketing and online ratings networks like Foursquare and Yelp.

Treat your digital presence with the respect it deserves; the online brand experience is one of the earliest and most important user experiences that is completely within your control. Make your first impression the best it can possibly be.

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