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What Your Business is (Probably) Doing Wrong

One of the greatest frustrations for small and medium sized business owners when it comes to their digital marketing strategy is the sheer amount of effort, know-how, and time it takes to manage and grow a legitimate digital presence. The main issue for many owners is that achieving the best results on social media and the internet takes time, a quality content strategy, and more than anything else: consistency.

The first step to any creative marketing strategy is to identify the ideal target customer and determine their needs. Many a business owner has made the mistake of simply creating a website or social media accounts, and almost immediately thinks that because they do not instantly see traffic and results (ROI), that digital marketing does not work. This is simply not the case; websites, social media, and every other platform can work wonderfully when it is part of a complete marketing strategy.

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy takes into consideration where that ideal target customer can be found. How do they consume their entertainment? Their news? What type of advertising would this customer ideally respond to, and how can the relationship be nurtured to the point that you can actually pitch your services and close a sale? In this sense, the website, social media, and any other marketing strategy put to use (including guerilla marketing, etc) should all serve as tools for an overall marketing campaign specifically designed to generate traffic and nurture leads, retain current customers (hint hint: mailing list and blog), and overall create tremendous legitimacy and a substantial digital brand presence. Boost that ROI!

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