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The reason live streaming is GOOD for business

Apps like Periscope and Meerkat have pushed live streaming video into the social media marketing spotlight. Brands have been fast to respond by testing with ways to incorporate live streaming video in their digital marketing plan.

The aptitude to transmit and receive live video over the net is not a new idea. Live streaming video games have been on the market for many, many years. But in 2015, live streaming rushed to the masses with the launch of apps and let’s not forget Facebook’s statement that it would be testing live video abilities among celebrities.

As the social media titans roll out the more live video, social media influencers and brands have been the first to grab hold of how to use this trend. As this digital platform grows in fame, companies are beginning to question if and how live streaming fits into their digital marketing campaigns.

Here are a couple of ideas to take into consideration before deciding to go live:  

The consumer wants to know what they are about to turn on. To brand a theme for your live stream, ask yourself how your company sets itself apart and what you can enhance to the conversation that is different from your rivals.

Brands and businesses centered on individuals and in fact, “people” is one of the seven Ps of the comprehensive marketing mix. Though, companies sometimes forget this and become too publicity driven.

Live streaming is a visual social media marketing party. Pre-promoting live streams on social media aids as an invite. It builds curiosity, drives views and generates a loyal following.

Sharing live events with your viewers can make them feel more associated to your brand or industry. The key here is not just displaying the event, but also letting your audience be a part of it.

Typically your buyers wouldn’t see how your products is made, but with live streaming video, you can show customers what it takes to go from idea to product completion. Live streaming is an excellent way to give your buyer a glimpse of what it takes to construct your brand.

Companies should embrace live streaming technology as a part of their digital marketing. While proceeding with caution, accepting the risks and rewards.

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