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The Reality of Mixed Reality

The entire tech community is buzzing about the dreams of Magic Leap’s remarkably anticipated mixed reality world, when Microsoft released their HoloLens project. Microsoft is back in a major way.

HoloLens is apparently already providing the promise of a true mixed reality experience. Individually Wired and C-NET testify to having hands on experience with the device re-counting their experience as miraculous.

So for those of us who are hearing about all of this for the first time, let me start by saying, welcome to the future….

Now, what exactly is Mixed Reality? Mixed Reality is the world which we now reside where real and virtual objects co-exist and can causally impact each other. In Mixed Reality persistent computer-generated objects can be shaped, seen, and manipulated and they exist and are seemingly integrated into the real world.

To fully understand mixed reality you must take on the full experience. This means the use of a stereoscopic binocular head mounted display. This is the distinguishing factor between a Google Glass type of device which was monocular and cannot generate immersive mixed reality experiences.

This is about changing the landscape of reality itself.

What Microsoft is doing with HoloLens is doing just that! These special glasses that overlay a kind of virtual reality on top of real reality. We are talking about a world that blends holograms with reality. This is without a doubt the new age of computing as we know it. This new platform is also building new medium for creative expression that uniquely mergers your digital world with your physical world.

Mixed reality merit your attention and videos on HoloLens are defiantly worth the watch.

Despite the fact all of us will take advantage of mix reality, which will mean an economic and social steamrolling that will empower and progress the lives of the half of humanity that has traditionally been left out, even as the other half, the recipient of the industrial and electronic ages, sees its historic privileges diminish.

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