We’ve all been moved by a real life story of the underdog, the person who appears lost or it seems their dreams are so far out of their reach and then a subtle turn of fate changes their life forever. It’s a tale as old as time we can’t help but love.

A current spotlight example is one of a music-loving gentleman from east side Cleveland who went from getting kicked out of class and spending most of his time in the street to going forth to get his GED and aim towards a business degree. It was at Cleveland State, where he attended his studies, he won a startup competition that would help him make an impact on an extraordinary talented industry.

An inspiring young man who went from rock bottom to inventing the next big thing in technology and for musicians everywhere, 24-year-old Brandyn Armstrong has created an app and portable recording studio call Studio Stick. The idea sparked the aspiring song writer when the will to go to a studio was so strong and yet he had zero access to one.

Being the first of its kind, the Studio Stick is a twenty inch, ten pound case expandable up to six feet. It comes with a microphone, smart phone or tablet stand, and pop and reflective filters along with tutorial videos. The product requires no assembly, you only need to pull it open.

Brandyn’s goal for this project is to see it all over the world, from new artists to celebrities, but overall he hopes it will have a positive impact for the future.

So how exactly will the Studio Stick benefit the music industry and its artists alike? Let’s take a look at these three key traits Brandyn’s invention possesses.

1.) Convenience

Being an artist means you see creativity in everything; inspiration can hit you in the blink of an eye and there’s nothing worse than not having the right materials to outwardly express your ideas. With this invention, musicians can record their work anywhere at any time. Aside from the creative aspects, not everyone has access to some apps depending on your device preference, but the Studio Stick is available to those with Samsung or iOS devices. Not only that, but the app will be available on either a smart phone or tablet so if you’re an android drone or iPhone fanatic, it doesn’t matter.

2.) Excellent Quality.

An engineer from a studio in Brandyn’s hometown states his product has a lot of components used within an actual studio. The portable hardware increases the track quality and the microphone provides professional audio recordings while the app allows you to put the final touches on masterpieces such as mixing, copying, and pasting.

3.) Affordability.

Although there is no price set as the product’s release isn’t until around the holiday season later this year, Armstrong is aiming to make the product inexpensive. For someone who wishes to market this to successful musicians, why plan to price this product so low? The young inventor believes everyone should follow their dreams; this opens doors to any aspiring artists who find themselves without access or funds to go to an actual studio.

Brandyn Armstrong took a brave plunge toward his inner most desires. He fueled a spark to create the fire which will lead to his success. His idea not only helps out a particular industry, it helps people pursuing that very industry as well. He is just one of many examples out there as to why you should never give up on your ideas and further more how grasping technology will only ever benefit you. From ideas come the inventions of tomorrow– changing the future and changing the world.