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The best SMM for businesses in 2016

Social media marketing has become a progressively important part of overall digital marketing strategies for companies big and small. If you want to learn how well businesses were mixing social into their digital marketing campaigns and whether or not those energies are landing with customers on social media. Look no further.

Social media marketing usually contains little to no expense to get started. It is also imaginable to grow brand awareness using the rudimentary tools of social media. Because of this, businesses that do not have large marketing budgets can take full advantage of the many benefits that come with social media marketing.

Even though larger companies are better able to employ digital marketing techniques that rely heavily on systematic methods of advertising, traditional marketing and generating leads, companies are not always financially ready to part with these types of expensive marketing processes.

Even if it is possible to buy advertising on most of the social media networks, this decision is not always a good one for smaller companies that do not have a big budget. This is why it is decent for small businesses to exploit all of the free digital marketing and social media tools available on the web.

Every social media channel has several forms of networking options. Thus, it is conceivable for many messages to be sent to a huge number of people in real time, in an assortment of ways. When all of these different forms of communication are well-thought-out together, some opportunities become enormous.

Furthermore, more options will become available as tech continues to grow.

It is also possible to obtain many leads with the right social media marketing. These qualified leads (likes, Retweets, etc.) come in real time.

Data from some recent LinkedIn research showed, 81% of small businesses use social media in some way.

A remarkable stat without a doubt, but it also means there’s still a momentous number of businesses not taking advantage of social media marketing for their digital marketing campaigns.

That’s staggering when you contemplate the following:
•    74% of online users use social media networking sites.
•    Social media marketing is 57% of company’s sales funnel.
•    81% of customers research online before making big acquisitions.

Oh and here is a bonus; three in five businesses say they’ve acquired new consumers by using social media marketing.

With all of that potential for success, there’s no reason to be watching from the sidelines.

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