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The Art + Design Manifesto

  • We will stand behind the work we produce, and we will produce exceptional work. If it doesn’t help, inspire, or add value, it shouldn’t exist.
  • We will tell beautiful, compelling stories. We will work with those who value our time and love our work, and who we love to work with. We will not compete, solely, on price. We will differentiate ourselves with the quality of our work.
  • We will not sell products. We will sell solutions.
  • We will pride ourselves on integrity, talent, and hard work ethic. We will not limit our knowledge or imagination on the size of the client. We will only limit time when we must.
  • We will have fun and enjoy what we do. We will work through challenges. We will remedy, learn from, and grow from mistakes, which will never be repeated.
  • We will realize that problems exist to be fixed, and that obstacles exist to be overcome.
  • We will put forth our best effort in everything we do, or not do it. We will encourage those around us to perform at their highest level.
  • Most importantly, we will realize that life is pretty good, and we will strive to make it better.

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