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Social Media Strategies Companies Have All Wrong

Getting in full swing with social media as a company can be rough, and understanding the protocol behind it isn’t much easier. The continuous evolution of social media can make it problematic to stay on top of trends, new tools, and best practices.

Business owners who only seldom tap into these networks may find it difficult to identify and fully comprehend all of the nuances that act as unwritten rules for social media marketing.

When it comes to protocol, behavior, and what not to do, it takes repetition to comprehend fully how these tips relate to your day-to-day social media marketing plan.
Don’t Discount Your Digital Reputation
Don’t Purchase LikeS and Followers
Don’t do the Auto DMs thing
Don’t Participate in Like-Baiting
Don’t Automate Content Across Platforms
Don’t Post Stuff Just to Post Stuff
Don’t Spam Your Community

With the social media scene constantly progressing, the do’s and don’ts for business owners will also continue evolving. Staying aware of what not to do will keep your marketing efforts new and effective and your company on top of mind of potential and retained customers.

It is not about IF businesses should use social media. The question for most businesses is HOW to best implement a meaningful and appealing approach that generates material, converting leads. With so many social media marketing possibilities available, your marketing team must ultimately determine best practices as well as what strategies to sidestep.

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