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Should Your Content Marketing Strategy Include Multiple Blogs?


When building a new website, many people are torn between creating an authority page that they can market and doing what’s best for search engine optimization. One of the biggest trends in SEO is to simplify your website, focusing it on one or two specific keywords, rather than a broad topic. For some industries, this is easy. For most businesses, especially very diverse eCommerce businesses, having multiple blogs is the only way to accomplish this feat.


Why Own Multiple Blogs?

When it comes to blogging for your business, you might need to diversify a little bit. This isn’t because your product or service isn’t strong, it is because you are a more diverse company. Having multiple blogs allows you to better organize your thoughts as a company and better target your audience. If your content marketing strategy involves promoting partners or using blogs as additional revenue sources, this also gives you more opportunities to make money.

Whether you want to make things easier for your readers or you want to effectively target multiple audiences, maintaining multiple blogs can help. Here are some of the biggest reasons why businesses are investing in multiple blogs:

  • Easily Create a Following – It is easier to target a highly-specific audience then a general market. This makes it easier to advertise and promote your blog as it grows. A highly-specific following can also attract investors who are willing to spend more money on ad space or sponsored content. If your blog is niche-specific, you may also start to see more shares on networks relating to your industry.
  • Better for SEO – Search engines factor in website names and urls in addition to blog post titles, headers and META data. When all of these factors share common keywords, the content tends to rank higher. Because each blog is focused on a single topic, it also helps boost its authority on that subject. This can help bring in more traffic, which also has an impact on overall ranking.
  • Keep Content Organized – Staying organized makes it easier when advertisers are involved. Instead of relying on subsections of a single blog, you are creating entire blogs for different topics. You could easily have labels for sponsored posts, favorite affiliates and general topics related to your keyword.
  • Multiple Streams of Revenue – This is the biggest reason people choose multiple blogs. It allows you to work with multiple companies without making your blog look like spam. For example, you could easily utilize pay-per-click advertising on all your pages, then choose a few affiliates to place on each blog. Advertisers love when they are in the spotlight, and you can give them the attention they need on the highly-specific blog of their choice.

The larger your business is, the more likely it is to have a need for multiple blogs. One of the biggest trends in content marketing is to include the business name in each blog and give them a similar look. While each blog has unique content, they all help play into a larger, better business image.

For example, if Makeup Company wanted to have multiple blogs, they might call them Makeup Company Beauty Tutorials, Makeup Company Networking or Makeup Company Parties. Beauty tutorials, B2B networking within the industry and parties all have different, highly specific audiences. Separating these topics would significantly help the brand, allowing them to effectively target home consumers, other professionals in their industry, and party hosts or independent contractors. This strategy effectively expands the company’s reach and helps them build authority.


Finding the Best Content Marketing Solution for Your Business

While the modern business may see multiple blogs as an opportunity, getting them all started at once can be very tricky. You still have to build each site with care and update it regularly. This means that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to blogging, especially in the beginning.

If you are a casual blogger or have a small business, you may want to start with one blog and build your way up. Try creating a simple WordPress site on a topic you are passionate about. Then, start to research popular keywords, niches and trends, expanding your blog empire when one strikes your fancy.


Whether you plan on creating one giant blog or a lot of little ones, we are here to help. Contact us to learn more innovative SMB business tips that can help you succeed online in 2016.

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