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Oculus Rift, Morpheus, HoloLens and the future of VR

Facebook has been making a lot of power plays in recent time. One that has everyone chirping is Oculus Rift. Oculus has a tremendous track record as a company. Now Facebook wants to use its technology to grow its own revenues and get a jump start on where they see things going in the future.

Microsoft and Oculus have also partnered so now Xbox One controllers are shipping with the headset starting 2016, all Xbox One games will be prepared to stream through Windows 10 to the Oculus device.

It’s a partnership that makes good business sense, bearing in mind the Oculus Rift will only operate on Windows. This was publicized when Oculus revealed the least hardware required for a PC to run games through the Rift accurately. In reality, it’s this piece of data that should have been the leading clue foretelling the partnership.

It’s a good change for the business, though it leaves the rest of us speculating what the HoloLens journey will look like.

HoloLens has a better chance to replacing your PC than your cell phone. Today’s business applications have improved their user experience, growing more interactive, spontaneous and contemporary. The vast difference between PC-based apps and HoloLens will be how the physical and digital settings are joined.

What about Sony you ask? Certainly, the tech giant at present has the Project Morpheus VR headset in the pipeline, but the brand is already playing catchup, and unlike Xbox it also has to do all the work on its own.

The battle of the headsets…

The headsets are already lavish niche products with one demanding a PC to work properly. Do these brands expect people to purchase two headsets? Or is one company happy to ride on the coattails of whichever one becomes more fruitful, knowing it’s in a great place now that it has incentives in both?

Oculus absolutely falls into the classification of “people doing astonishing work,” as does HoloLens and Morpheus, but now these sustainable products will strive for user attention, who will win? Only time will tell.

The bottom-line for the achievement of these products will be if they can actually improve the experience buyers have with CPUs and how that trickles over to the place of work. If the utility is there, then these products may just move from innovative ideas to vital technology.

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