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Marketing to People in Wearable Devices

If you aren’t into it now, sooner or later wearable tech will ultimately arrive in the mainstream. Probably during 2016. For marketing departments, this can be intimidating. All-encompassing mobile and social media tactics are still hard to deliver, and here comes more, unclearly defined innovation that may turn marketing upside down again.

We can’t tell you what wearable devices will look like other than what we see now. We do know they will make your life better. For businesses, if we could take a shot in the dark about what some of the main components wearable devices will encompass they would be;
-Internet of Things
-Virtual Reality
-Artificial Intelligence

So how can you prepare a digital marketing approach? By trusting on what great marketers do best: creative philosophy, patterns from buyers, and endless ambition. Here a few ways wearable devices will modify your digital marketing:

Called by some “The Godfather of Content Delivery” – wearable tech devices offer companies the chance to speak to their audience based on their location, in real time.  Geography-based marketing, or “continuity marketing” already occurs in mobile marketing.

The location isn’t the only way to decide whose needs might fit your product. The internet of things is going blow this out of the water.
Lifestyle Tracking

This concept gives you the chances to define your ideal consumer so you can serve tailored ads based on interest and behavior.

Wearable devices will be able to track so much: movement, stress points and levels, the sound in your environment, how often you go outside, whether you typically go to noisy bars or low-key cafes.

Wearable tech devices are proliferating in the health industry, and by nature, businesses that want to target healthy individuals may find a new network for wearable tech devices. In its meekest form, this is an addition to targeting based on lifestyle tracking: Customers tracking slumber may be ripe for purchasing darker window shades.

Visualize an app that, based on information from wearable tech devices, tells the buyer to eat more fiber. As well as an endorsement to buy Fiber One. That has an influential potential for reaching new customers.

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