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Marketing in the virtual world is a Reality

The technology and media industry has flipped the “business world” upside down. Most owners don’t know if they are coming or going with social media while others think digital marketing has a website. The sad part is most of these marketers don’t know what’s coming next either.

In the world where companies are just now starting to understand the power of social media, the business community is about to be rocked by the virtual reality world.

The only way businesses will survive in the coming times, will be, the ability to be able to see into the future. A devoted digital marketing blueprint is required well before expansion takes place in the virtual world.

What will companies need to adapt? Well, a few of the basics would include, storytelling, creativity, positioning (which is key in the VR world) and data driven demographic research to start. Understanding how these basics work is essential to begin a digital marketing campaign that your brand can leverage in the VR world.

Perspective is very important here as we are speaking about two different worlds. Brands can be represented in ways virtually that they could not have imagined otherwise. Just to give you a few examples;
Brand Games;

Brands now can offer VR games that give their consumer a more in-depth customer experience. These games will include product placement, product test marketing and suggestive marketing, to name a few. Brands will be able to create product placement experiences in from a geographical perspective that social media cannot provide.
Brand Experiences;

Imagine walking through the mall and you happen to stumble upon a Southwest Airlines or Travelocity virtual reality booth. This booth takes you anywhere in the world and then allows you to see hotels, local restaurants and even make reservations on the spot.

These are just two examples of how brands will be able to expand upon the VR platform to create a stronger customer, prospect and brand experiences and relationships.

We don’t want it to seem as though there will not be any challenges. Virtual reality builds a brand new set of tests for brands because the experience is so different than others we have had before. It provides the opportunity to create content that is a truly immersive environment where your consumer and potential leads can connect with your brand in a whole new world.

So the only question now becomes. What would make buyers leave a virtual reality to visit your website or social media page?

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