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How Virtual Reality Technology is Changing the “Social” in Media

From smartphone apps to cloud-based databases, technology has altered the way we do business. Our social lives and events are no exception.

These are exciting times. Innovations are bubbling up to help meeting planners, exhibitors, venues and other meeting participants to all do their jobs better.

Virtual technology Video Integration

Video has been around for a while, but since its return on investment is so high it will continue to be a key part of social media and events in the coming future. Almost any video is much more exciting and attractive than endless pages of text. Businesses can use video for sharing promotional, advertising, and informational content among broad audiences. Also, as time progresses video is becoming cheaper to distribute and easier to use — not to mention the mediums’ incredible engagement statistics. As video continues making advancements in the virtual world, it will integrate more and more with event promotion and event content distribution.

It’s time to go further than your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Social media and other apps will be the mediums that ultimately convince everyday consumers to spend hundreds of dollars on virtual reality platforms and programs.

Soon, people will be putting on VR headsets, transported to any place in the world where you and 60 other friends, family and colleagues can meet to watch the Super Bowl together on a massive virtual TV streaming the bowl game in real-time. Better yet – you could watch the game from the field!

For the user who enjoys endless YouTube videos, that user may become a VR ‘junkie’, surrounded by whoever they want, wherever they are.

At the end of the day, we all want technology to make our lives stress-free to expand our capabilities as humans. Facebook made it extremely easy to make friends, but also keep track of those folks and preserve those friendships online.

In virtual reality, you’ll be able to keep up with all your family and friends better, particularly those who may be far away. Real-world interactions can’t be replaced, but social media has brought us together, and virtual reality is poised to be the next best thing. Imagine inviting dozens, even hundreds of people, regardless of geography, into a virtual area to catch up, play music and games, and watch movies together.

Virtual reality also has enormous potential to meet new people. Thus changing the way we get “social”!

When a user can instantaneously connect to anyone in the world in a virtual site, that user truly has limitless ability to create new networks and acquaintances. The day will come when there will be, without any doubt, a Facebook-like “Add Friend” option popping up above a user’s three-dimensional avatar. And as it turns out, Facebook owns one of the leading VR businesses: Oculus VR, makers of the Oculus Rift launching in early 2016.

Creating 3D objects in mid-air, exploring an underwater shipwreck and cooking in a virtual kitchen is fun, but it ultimately means little if you can’t share in these experiences with others. Once that happens, virtual reality will become a persistent, social communications medium of the future.


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