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How Virtual Reality will change the retail world in 2016

Virtual Reality is the future of retail. Virtual Reality allows us to explore more details of a particular product than any other digital platform out right now. It lets you be in the location or examine a product as if it was really in front of you. For example, if you are buying shoes from an online store, virtual reality allows you to try the shoe and see if it fits, you can move around in the shoe. Of course, it is virtual but u will get a perfect idea of the product.

Head mounted gear is already being introduced into the market with much cheaper costs so it is not far-fetched that they might replace the smartphones.

If a real estate agent wants to take you to property and show you around. With VR, they can just upload their software into your headgear, and instantly be teleported into the house of your interests without even leaving their office. You will be able to walk through multiple, fully furnished homes in a matter of minutes. This can save time, the effort for both customer and the agent.

Many companies like Samsung are developing VR, so that should be a key indicator to all businesses that the customer experience is drastically changing.

Soon you will be able to sit halfway around the world from your favorite band and still be a part of their live concerts.

Retailers will be the first to breakout using the Vr technology. It enables the customer to examine the product virtually but as it is in your hands.

Every person is carrying a VR world in his and her hands right now. Smartphones are the basic foundation of VR.

As the specifications of the smartphones increases, they are enabled with VR in coming future. (It’s already here)

You can see 360-degree videos with VR enabled technology allows you are right in the middle of the video. Google introduced a low price VR cardboard so that anyone can experience.

VR will change the retail market and customer experience like never before. Virtual Reality has no limits, and it lets the companies invent new technologies that can change the course of the way we see advertising drastically.

VR is now being widely used in gaming. You can be a soldier in a war alongside your brothers in arms with the courtesy of VR-enabled games. Think the unlimited possibilities of VR and be amazed.

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