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How Beacon Marketing can boost foot traffic

2015 brought a lot of talk about beacons, but few know what they are or what they do. But chances are you have already experienced beacon marketing.

In a nutshell, beacon-triggered marketing is, in essence, a more accurate method of proximity marketing. Conversely, unlike traditional proximity marketing strategies, which obtain a device’s location from GPS or WiFi, beacon marketing works by looking for the Bluetooth signal from a beacon positioned within a retail store or event space.

Much of the focus on beacons has been on the fundamental hardware and technology behind it. More than 50 national vendors have developed battery-friendly broadcasting devices that give stores an overabundance of options for Bluetooth-powered beacons.

With so much attention on the hardware, it’s easy to miss the fact that beacons themselves are just rudimentary transmitters that beam position data to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

The key to beacon marketing is that they can trigger the delivery of hyper-targeted mobile content through a smartphone app at a specific time and location. Since smartphone browsers cannot recognize beacon signals, mobile apps are an essential component of any beacon marketing campaign.

Bringing The Marketing Budgets

As the digital marketing footprint of successfully deployed beacon campaigns in retail stores expands and a scaled audience of beacon-enabled apps is proven, more global brand advertisers will enter the beacon marketing ecosystem in a major way.

Stores will invite their most important business partners to join in their in-store digital and mobile marketing programs. These partners will be expected to contribute relevant and appealing content that improves the shopping experience.

By limiting access to beacons and the spectators that they reach with beacon-triggered marketing messages in their stores, merchants will become the hub of a burgeoning proximity-based marketing ecosystem.

For brands, inclusion in this marketing channel offers opportunities to deliver an extremely engaging mobile experiences at the precise locations where goods are being marketed and sold. With beacons, brands can leverage consumer marketing budgets and resources to develop captivating content.

As technological innovation continues to accelerate, it is more important than ever for business owners large and small to incorporate these progressions into their digital marketing plan. Doing so will help brands stay relevant and allow companies to reach their target demographic with relevant content and ads.

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