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Four digital marketing tactics you should already be doing

It can be rough keeping up with the fast pace changes in technology, digital and social media marketing.

As new tools, methods and tactics continue to pop up daily, what is your company going to do to keep up?
We’ve got four methods that are emerging in digital and will help boost your marketing campaign.


Retargeting is a form of digital marketing technology that allows you to display your ads to quality prospects across all of the web after users have visited your website. Retargeting relies on cookies (Internet term), as anyone who visits your site is “tagged” and will be shown your ads when they leave your website.

Why is this significant? If you are running paid advertising, it makes sense to leverage retargeting. Get your ads seen by folks who have already visited your website, ads will be more effective at reaching the prospects that are already aware of your business, services or brand.

Employee advocacy

The staff that uses their social media presence to discuss positively and promote your company are engaging in employee advocacy.

Why is this significant? Workers are the face of your business. By allowing them to discuss what they think about their job, or why they work there, makes companies look more humanized and become more relatable.


Personalization marketing is about an approach that requires a business to learn the personal traits, enthusiasms and likings of their buyer, and then deliver content that is tailored to match.

Why is this significant? Customers will be more willing to engage in your business if they feel that brand matches their principles. By personalizing your strategy and content, your campaigns can foster amplified loyalty among your audience.

Social intelligence

Now this one goes beyond demographics and enables corporations to know their consumers on a more personal, substantial level. Some of the intelligence that businesses are tapping into nowadays includes mutual pain points, favorite brands and favored topics of conversation.

Why is this significant? For companies to truly connect with their buyers, they must know who that audience is. Social intelligence takes “big data,” and helps companies better understand their audience.

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