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Five ways drones are changing digital marketing

Creativity and technology have rebooted businesses everywhere
Drones have moved from military warfare to the latest must-have gadget and, in the near-future, they

will be taking care of creating spectacular digital marketing campaigns for your business. Now vital to

industries such as food production, defense and weather monitoring have the possibility to change the

way we market.

Discover how this new era of digital marketing will turn businesses dreams into our realities.

Photography, The web, Film, And Television

Media corporations are already using drones to capture documentary and news footage, weddings, and

sporting events. In Hollywood, drone-use is well-known with films such as Skyfall, Harry Potter, and the Hobbit.

This trend is going to continue as the FAA lessens the rules about drone use by the media.

Save Money

You could be saving money by utilizing drones.

It is no secret the budget for renting helicopters for aerial video is extremely expensive.  The cost of helicopter alone is enough to ground most anyone’s marketing operation.

If you disregard the rest of this blog, please remember this.

Drones make aerial cinematographic and photography available for any company, in any industry.

With the price range just right, there are many applications in which your corporation could be saving thousands, just by using drones. Marketing resources, structural examinations, 3D modeling and thermal imaging. These are just a couple of examples of marketing services that drones are capable of doing in the future.

Stop tossing money away.


Facebook has a new department called the Connectivity Lab , which is pledging its efforts towards developing aerial tech to bring to people all over the planet.

Entertainment, Education, and Art

By now, we know that drones can capture more than just footage.

Drones can also be an art form, as a cool project by Cirque du Soleil has shown us. Check out how they used flying lampshades, which are choreographed drones to take art to another level. Watch now

Without a doubt, drones will shake up some industries, and marketing is going to be one of the most intriguing and fun. Drones are an economic game-changer too, one that will alter the way we do business and look at entertainment.

The popularity of drones will only continue to rise as the dwindling costs and improved battery technology. In 2016, soon folks will see the impossible become possible.

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