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Content Marketing Strategy: The Benefits of Owning a Blog


One of the biggest trends in blogging is to steer away from a single blog. In the past, most bloggers strived to build authority sites that covered a variety of topics, sometimes ones that had little to do with one another. A blogger would place their travel plans on the same blog as their coverage of a new fashion trend or a product review. This is because blogging is a highly personal and social activity. The problem is that a multi-topic blog can destroy your search engine optimization efforts.

Businesses are quickly learning that blogs that focus on one or two main, niche keywords tend to do better in search results than some authority sites in their industry. But what if yourbusiness carries more than one product? What if you want to target more than one specific audience? Can your content marketing still focus on a single blog, rather than many?

When money is involved, bloggers need to cater to both SEO and buying trends. This means they need to change their approach and cater their strategy to forces other than themselves. Building an authority page can have it’s benefits, even when current SEO trends are pointing towards starting multiple blogs.


Why Your Business Should Start a Blog

If you own a single blog, rather than many, it isn’t that you are “stuck in the past.” There are several, legitimate reasons why a writer or business would only want to focus on one blog. Whether you are trying to build your brand’s image as an online authority or you have a very complex product or service, having a single blog can make your voice heard. Explore these other benefits of owning a single blog:

  • Authority – If you have a very powerful online voice, it can be beneficial to collect all of your thoughts in one place, even if they all tie loosely together. A beauty business, for example, might want to post more than make up tutorials and could include posts about new makeup, sales, hair trends or fashion. This is because the goal of the blog is to make someone appear to be an expert in a field, rather than a small niche.
  • Popular Topics – If your field has a lot of popular topics based around a keyword, having a single blog might keep your business plenty busy. For example, if your business helps people book flights, you could easily write as many posts as you want and still have diverse, interesting content.
  • Allows for More Focus – Not every blog requires a lot of research and effort. A business that has one blog often does so because they need more time to research and write. Highly-specific subjects may need a lot of attention, even if you are only posting on post per week.
  • Better Promote a Small Business – Odds are if you are promoting a small business, one blog is all you need to be successful. For example, there is no reason for a light bulb company to create a blog about light bulbs and the another about efficiency, as both subjects tie into their company and can attract a wide variety of readers.

When you choose to work on only one blog, it means you are either highly focused on a topic or highly invested in the blog. If this is the case, there is no reason to expand into another blog, unless you are hoping to diversify your revenue.

Focusing on one blog, rather than many, is still a viable content marketing strategy that you should consider if you own a business. To learn more about blogging and the important role it plays in marketing, please contact us today.

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