Perhaps you decided to try leaping on the content marketing bandwagon, too, but you aren’t quite sure what you need to do in order to get your content seen by the masses. Before you give up on content marketing, it’s important to check this list of tips brought to you by Forbes, Top Rank Blog, and Content Marketing Institute to be sure you’re not overlooking the simple solutions to your needs.

Content Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic and Visibility

Tip #1: Pick a Schedule, and Stick to That Schedule

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “practice beats talent every time.” The same is true when it comes to making content. You might not have most brilliant video channel, or the most insightful blog, but if you keep delivering useful, actionable content regularly, then your audience will grow. It is better to be good and on-schedule, than to be brilliant and sporadic.

Tip #2: Market Your Content Once It’s Been Created

We all know the old saw about a tree falling in the forest, and nowhere is that saying more true than when we’re talking about content marketing. Because you could have the most brilliant article about a given topic on the whole Internet, but if no one sees it then that doesn’t do you any good. Which is why you need to, in effect, market your marketing.

That means you need to focus on spreading your content as widely as you can. If you have social media pages (which you should), then use them to get more eyes on the content you’re making. Don’t be afraid to post your links in forum communities like Reddit, or to use Internet bookmarking sites like Digg or Stumble Upon. Facebook groups dedicated to topics your content focuses on are also great places to go to find more readers and viewers. Once you develop a following, they’ll share your content just as fast as you can create it, but that’s no reason for you to stop shouting from the hills about these great things you’re making. Just be sure to do it in a scheduled, controlled way that doesn’t violate any one site’s rules on self-promotion. Generally, you can post once per week without any problems… keep that in mind when deciding which pieces of content you’re going to promote in which location.

Tip #3: Find Out When is a Good Time to Post

Timing is everything, or so they say. If you’re finishing up a blog entry, or you’re getting ready to upload your newest video, take a look at the clock, and ask yourself if anyone’s going to be around to see it. You want to catch your readers when they’re most likely to be idle, and checking through their media channels. That means you want to have updates going out during the early morning commute, most often. Posts in the early afternoon are also likely to hit the lunch break window, when users are browsing from their phones over food. You’re much more likely to capture a full day’s worth of traffic at these two times than you are publishing your latest posts at two in the morning.

Tip #4: Don’t Shy Away From Controversy

Controversy gets people’s attention, and it’s a great way to both take a stand, and to generate a lot of views on your latest content. If there’s an issue relevant to your field (say, sexism in the video games industry on a gaming blog, or the Syrian refugee crisis on a video channel run by a not-for-profit company who helps immigrants), then don’t be afraid to stand up and speak about it.

With that said, it is important to figure out what you want to say, and how you’re going to say it, before you start. You want to make your position clear, and you want to use language that won’t be misinterpreted. Be controversial, but be certain what you’re being controversial about.

Tip #5: Lists, Facts, and Stats

If you want to create content that will catch your viewers, and hold them, then you need to include facts and stats, preferably in the form of a list. The top five tips, or the ten biggest mistakes will always garner a lot more attention from your audience. Also, the more unusual or bizarre a statistic is, the more likely it will get people to share your post, and talk about it with their friends. Make sure you cite all your sources, but a little showmanship in the presentation can go a long way.

Tip #6: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Carefully created, well thought out content will always provide a positive experience for the viewer… but you need something to arrest their attention in the first place. Pictures do that job nicely, especially if a great deal of your promotion is happening via social media. Not only that, but you need to break up your text to make things easier on your reader. Adding pictures isn’t necessary for creative great content… but it can help.

Tip #7: Listen to Your Audience

The whole point of content marketing is to build a relationship with those consuming what you’re creating. You want your readers and watchers to come back to you week after week, month after month, to see what you’ve put up for them. The hope being that soon they’ll view your content as their content, and that loyalty will lead to them supporting and patronizing you. Which is why you need to do everything in your power to keep your audience happy, and feeling like there’s a two-way street when it comes to communication.

If your audience is giving you feedback, listen to it. If they’re liking and sharing content that covers certain topics, then ask if they’d like more about those topics. If you’re getting negative comments on other pieces, ask what it was your readers found disagreeable. Put out a survey, if you have to. If you show your audience you’re listening, and you give them what they want, then you’re more likely to come out with a net gain of good will.

Tip #8: Make Your Content a Priority

Remember when you were in school, and you left your report until the last moment, so you slapped it together a few hours before class? Even if you passed, that kind of creation blitz shows in the final product. Make sure that your content always gets top priority, and give it some extra polish before you publish. It will show, and your audience will be appreciative.

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