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7 Ways Running a Small Business is like a Deep Space Mission

1) You start with a certain amount of resources, and need to either discover or generate more resources to continue.

2) Prioritizing energy or resources into one of the ship’s systems (weapons, life support, etc) means you may not be able to make it home in one piece or have the energy or resources needed to fulfill your mission.

3) Every decision is based on the best information on hand at the time. There will be no real assurance as to whether a decision is beneficial or detrimental until after the consequences have been felt.

4) There is very little, if any, ability to backtrack.

5) It is imperative to be prepared to solve problems in new and creative ways, and the ability to perceive situations from multiple perspectives is extremely valuable.

6) Despite how much study, preparation, knowledge, and experience you may possess, there are always unknown unknowns.

7) By the end of the journey, you will likely be a fundamentally different person than when it began.

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