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5 Ways to Win Using SEO Locally

Local businesses are finally growing with the help of technology and social media. The consumer demand and interest are the key factors that are helping the local businesses to grow.

Businesses 25 years ago didn’t need a website to grow. Now, the customers are surfing the internet for their needs rather than waiting for a commercial to appear.

So small and medium businesses took this opportunity and started websites of their own to attract customers. With hopes of gaining more traffic to their business. One of the main contributors early on to this success has always been SEO techniques.

In 2016, SEO has become more about social and local. Below are five tips on how to be more local in your SEO approach.

1. Highlight the trustworthiness of local business
Customers started going to local business for quality. They chose local over nationalized chains to because of the quality of product or work, fair treatment and in time delivery. So everything said above must be clearly mentioned on your website so that the consumer can trust you.

Mentioning your business is local on your website is the best way to let customers know you are close. Include it on your websites metadata to get better in search results.

2. Update websites regularly
You must update your website with the latest trends and information to get the attention of the potential consumer. Start asking customers what their need and likes are. Then try to change your product or service accordingly as well as the content on your website. Create a mobile-friendly version of your website for the satisfaction of consumers too.

3. Offers, Deals, Pricing
National chains can offer products at a lower price compared to local businesses. So if you concentrate on your pricing, then the consumer will opt for a local product because of the quality you are offering. Make sure that the prices must are highlighted to catch the attention of your consumer. Lastly, be sure to have some good offers and deals on your website that consumer cannot refuse.

4. Communicating with existing customers
Emailing your new customers or urging existing ones to visit your website to take a glance at the new products or services you are offering is all fair game. Email is a good way not to lose the existing one, but to make him the regular and repeating customer.

5. Finding Location
Add google maps location with your business marker on your website so that the consumer can find you easily.

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