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5 ways to optimize your website

Creating a website is not the main thing that you want to do, but improving the website’s rank in search, increase the traffic and mainly, conversions is what will make you money at the end of the day.

So if your website performance is not up to your satisfaction, here are the factors that can change everything.

1. Keywords – Lifeline of websites
Keywords play the main role in increasing the traffic to your website and help people find you in the sea of millions of websites. From the moment, Google released Hummingbird update all websites changed to topics from individual keywords. Hummingbird allows focuses on the content of the topic than an individual keyword that allows search engines to obtain more accurate search results. Use keyword research tools to find best suitable keywords for your website.

2. Content of your website
The content on your website must be without grammatical and spelling mistakes because websites with content containing grammatical and spelling mistakes are ranked low compared to the perfect content websites. If your content is more than 1000 words in an article, it is more likely to show up first in the search results. Google encourages posts with 2000+ words. The content must be appropriate to what you are offering on you site.

3. Website page titles
Page titles must contain the main keyword you are targeting, and it must not be artificial or just the keyword. You want your keywords included in a descriptive heading that is nice to read. For example, you are targeting ‘mobile marketing’ then the title should be like ‘10 easy tips for mobile marketing’.

4. Web page load time
If your pages take a lot of time to open the customer will not wait and move on to the next. Google added page speed to their search engine algorithms. So websites with low page load time are getting higher traffic than that of high page load time. Make sure the plugins you use do not have an impact on your page loading and try to change the hosting provider to see the change.

5. Interactive and responsive design
If you concentrate on your desktop version of your website, then you will not get a lot of traffic on mobile phones. Nowadays everybody is using their smartphones to browse the internet. So concentrate on the mobile version of your website and keep it simple, interactive and easy to understand.

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