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5 Graphic Design Tips for More Marketable Products

Everything that is tangible required at least one graphic designer’s touch at some point in its inception. From printed ads and billboards, to magazines, movie posters, clothes, coffee mugs, and anything else one could think of, good graphic design has made the difference between a marketable product that sells and one that falls flat.

That being said, here are ten top-notch graphic design tips that, if followed, guarantee success in marketing your product.

1. Sketch It Out!

Drop entirely the notion that you have to be an amazing artist in order to sketch and draw! Pick up a pencil and some paper, and visualize your ideas so that you have a better idea of what you want in your product’s design. Once you have an idea of how you want a product to look, it is much easier to take this design to a graphic design professional to flesh it out.

2. Keep A Mental and Physical List of Key Elements to Your Product

This works in conjunction with sketching your ideas out. This is also helpful to give to a graphic design professional so that they have an idea of what it is you and your consumers will want from your product. Have an idea of how you want your book cover to look? Want the spine of your book to catch everyone’s eye as it sits on the shelf? Plan it out! Write it down!

3. Find a Professional Graphic Designer Whom You Can Work With

This is something I stress quite a bit with people. Finding that one person or team of graphic designers with whom you can accomplish much is key to producing the product you want your consumers to see. That takes communication and patience with each other. Be prepared to work long hours with this person or team of people in consultation and in the design process.  Should you have disagreements about the way the product looks at different stages, it is best to work with a graphic designer or team that is not easily offended, but realizes that it’s all part of the process.

4. Never Slap Anything Together!

Sometimes it is easy to get impatient about how long something is taking to produce. Therefore, it is tempting to simply rush the process. Impatience is not a good thing, folks. Slapping something together is something consumers easily detect, which will more than likely harm your sales. The trick to producing a professionally designed product is to take the time necessary to take care of all the details, no matter how minor. Yes, in the business world, time is money, and granted, there is no need to be excessive in the amount of time spent designing a product. However, rushing the creative and design processes produces unsatisfactory results. Save yourself time and headaches and do it the right way.

5. Have a Basic Knowledge of Human Psychology

Know your audience and what they crave. Know the people you work with in order to bring the best out of them. Utilize tools such as bold, bright colors and clean lines to attract consumer attention. Have a basic knowledge of human psychology and what you want from your product. Is your product a toy action figure marketed to children ages 10 and above? How many want the action figure to look just like the character on their favorite show? Will this product also be marketable as a collector’s item, or as a toy specifically to play with? Asking these questions will determine how the item looks, whether it uses bold, childlike colors or muted, realistic tones, whether it is made from ceramic or plastic, and whether it is given cartoony or lifelike features. It all boils down to knowing what consumers want from your product.

There you have it! The basics of good graphic design are knowing what you and your audience want from a product, and using functional yet creative design in order to generate the effect desired. Graphic design is more than just art and color; it is making a product widely marketable to the public.

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