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4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Traditional marketing has become less and less effective at reaching the public over the years. In a way, traditional marketing is like a virus that the population has been exposed to often enough that they’ve built up a resistance to it. So when commercials come on, or flyers show up in the mail, they get tuned out and ignored.

That’s why more businesses are switching their focus to a particular form of inbound marketing called content marketing. By creating content that customers will seek out, and which provides value to those customers, a business’s blog, video channel, or social media page can bypass customers’ defenses, and keep them coming back for more. However, it’s important to avoid certain missteps when it comes to this strategy. These common mistakes are brought to you by Image Works LLC., Inman, and Business 2 Community.

Content Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Mistake #1: Not Pacing Yourself

Content marketing can have big results, but those results aren’t necessarily going to be fast. Content marketing is a lot like making friends with someone; it’s a process. If you come on too strongly, it’s more likely to drive people away than it is to endear them to you. So set a regular schedule, pace yourself, and don’t expect instant gratification.

Mistake #2: Making Too Many Sales Pitches

The purpose of content marketing is to give your customers something of value. For example, if you are a gardening store, then you might run a blog that offers gardening advice for all seasons. However, you need to be careful not to pepper your articles with calls to action, or use them as a place to advertise your products. Customers will notice that, and it will drive them away. Instead, you should provide the information with no strings attached to it. Customers will come back of their own volition, and often they’ll choose to support you not because you included a call to action, but because they trust you to give them quality based on your knowledge and expert advice.

Mistake #3: Going In Without A Plan

Content marketing is like any other business decision; you need to make a plan before you just jump in and try to swim. Your plan should include things like how often you’re going to update your content, what forms of marketing you’re going to use to spread the word about it, and setting goals for circulation and lead generation. While it’s true that a battle plan may not survive the first contact with the enemy (or your first brush with the Internet, in this case), it’s better to have one for guidance than to go in blind and expect results.

Mistake #4: Being Inconsistent

Content marketing has to be consistent in order to get results and grow an audience. That means everything from your tone to how often you release new content needs to be predictable to the audience. If you write a snarky movie review blog that attracts readers because of your biting wit, and you suddenly choose to drain out all of the sass from the blog, then that is likely to turn a lot of viewers off. The same is true if you update every week, but sometimes you update on Monday, sometimes on Wednesday, and sometimes on Friday. That inconsistency is going to turn off readers, who want to know when they should expect your latest review/tirade to go live.

These are just some of the more common mistakes business can make when they decide to get into the content marketing game. For more information on mistakes businesses should avoid, and how to get more positive results from your content marketing efforts, simply contact us today!

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