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3 Ongoing Debates in Relation to Content Marketing


Just about everyone agrees on the core content marketing principles. No one is going to argue that content creation can increase your brand awareness, enhance your search engine optimization, and generate leads. At the same time, there isn’t a set consensus for every content marketing issue. The following debates are still ongoing.

Risk aversion vs. going all-in on one idea

Marketers are used to hedging their bets. They understand the unlikelihood that a campaign will go viral, so they’re often working on multiple ideas and slogans. This is one example of risk aversion in relation to content marketing.

At the same time, we’re not exactly sure that risk aversion is effective in this case. A recent Forbes article explains why it’s better to go all-in on one idea and hope it really takes off. According to the article, as long as you do your research, it’s better to have one amazing campaign than three or four uninspired ones:

“In order to overcome this risk aversion, we first have to remember that highly successful communications campaigns that deliver high returns on investment don’t do so by luck or chance. Rather, they do so because of concentrated, well-researched plans. It’s these insights that can help brands clarify the purpose of the content they want to create, and determine the channels and stories that really matter to their target audiences to disseminate them.”

This advice rings true in regard to social media marketing. One viral campaign will bring your business in the spotlight and forever outshine your other marketing efforts. At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide which route is best for your business.

Consistent marketing efforts vs. mixing it up 

You always hear about diversity in regard to content marketing. To keep your users engaged, you’ll have to create different types of content and never exhaust a particular idea or format.

While you don’t want to be monotonous, you should still aim to be consistent. This recent Huffington Post article explains how a consistent marketing campaign keeps consumers coming back:

“If you want your readers to become more passionate and your customers to become more loyal, you need to be consistent in how you present your brand and how you publish and syndicate your content. That means maintaining a consistent brand voice that fits in with your ideals and brand personality, and publishing at regular, consistent intervals. If you break this consistency, people won’t know what to expect from you, and they may lose interest in your brand.”

Regarding this particular debate, it’s possible that both sides are right. You should aim for consistency in some respects, like content quality, your content schedule, and the topics you cover, but you should never become predictable. You can achieve this by mixing up the types of content you post (infographics, blogs, articles, ebooks, etc.).

High-quality content vs. high volume 

Although this debate has been resolved in theory, many businesses still take the high volume route. These are the companies that post a new 200-word blog every day and share it on social media.

We know by now that high-quality content is better in just about every respect. Your readers would prefer to read or watch something substantial, and Google’s algorithm favors sites with high-quality content.

The only problem is that creating good content is really hard. Although businesses understand that it’s better for their marketing campaign, they’d rather take the easy route and churn out mediocre content at a high rate. This debate is over, but the consequences are still ongoing.


Experts agree on 90% of content marketing issues. As long as your strategy is logical, you’ll make good progress. To talk more about content marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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