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3 Lessons To Personalize Your Digital Marketing

While it’s not practical to produce a completely personalized digital marketing campaign or buyer experience for every single person who passes through your sales funnel, you can undoubtedly take steps to personalize digital marketing in a manner that increases conversion and sales rates.

Customer personas are crucial to your customization and personalization efforts. When you sector out your prospects by persona and set up comparable digital marketing campaigns for each, you raise the relevance and appeal of each digital campaign and make prospects more likely to respond positively.

Lead-Nurturing Email Campaigns Based on Buyer Behavior

As best as you can, track your prospects’ actions and engagements with your website and social media networks. Release lead-nurturing emails and other non-intrusive exchanges that take these behaviors into your strategy.

For example, you might want to schedule a “We miss you!” email for a previous buyer who hasn’t stopped by your website or bought anything during the past few weeks.

Promote Custom-made gift promotions, Games, and Other Interactive Incentives

Bounce around any inbound marketing group and they will say, “gamification” is the way to go. If you can brainstorm a way to turn lead-generating and lead-nurturing methods into fun, engaging happenings for your prospects, you’ll be well on your way to marketing and sales success.

Depending on the industry, such campaigns might include a “choose your journey” type of game or promotion that allows you to create your personalized product or service.

Use Customized Landing Pages for Each Campaign and Traffic Source

Your digital marketing approach should include customized squeeze pages for each inbound digital marketing campaign and traffic source. These types of landing pages need to make sense in the context of the visitor’s drive.

For example, squeeze pages tied to lead-nurturing email campaigns should not ask people to re-enter their email addresses.

Preferably, landing pages should coordinate with specific products or services, the goal being to drive the proper audience and consumer segments to concise, accessible information most relevant to them.

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