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10 Mobile Marketing Tips for 2016

The rate at which people are moving to mobile phones from computers is increasing day by day, and that fact will never change. People are getting comfortable with different types of screen size, i.e., flat, tablet and mobile screens are enabling people to shop irrespective of where they are or what they are doing.

Small businesses have a lot to focus on but concentrating on the mobile market, and developing apps to reach out to the customers is something that needs to be on the radar.

I understand that it is a challenge for small businesses to cope with constantly changing mobile technology and software.

So we are suggesting some tips to grow in mobile marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing
Every business invested in social media needs to understand that most of their consumers are using mobile to connect with them. So the first question you have to question itself is it ready for the change?

If you create a great mobile experience for the consumer, investing in mobile marketing means driving leads and sales.

2. Mobile Version of the website you own
Some businesses cannot invest money in mobile app development and its maintenance. So what you have to do is design a mobile friendly version of your website so that people can go through it with ease.

3. Simple and easy to understand and navigate:
Creating a mobile friendly website is not enough, it must be easy and understandable for every consumer.

4. Offers on festival and holiday Mobile marketing
Attract consumers with great and irresistible offers for every festival and even weekend sales are good too. Using mobile to offer deals will also attract consumers.

5. Text Marketing
It is great to send sms to consumers with worthy offers. But you must be mindful of your timing of the messages so that the consumer is not irritated. The messages must contain text like ‘limited offer or quantity’ or ‘Just launched a new product’.

6. Social Media advertising
Take advantage of the social media advertising for websites like Facebook, twitter, so that you can reach million people in single attempt right on their phone.

7. Lead Generation
Offer free downloads and give attractive discounts on the first-time download or registration.

8. Mobile Design
The headlines, your logo and all of the other images in your mobile app or mobile-friendly website play a key role. It helps in linking the consumer to your product, so pay careful attention to the selection.

9. Customer Service
Offer 24×7 assistance for consumers regarding the product specification doubts and enquirer about your website or app.

10. Games
Offer popular game points for leads.

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